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Maximising Value - Minimising Liability Professional Boutique Asset Management Ownership without the Hassle

Image of Portfolio optimization strategy
Asset Optimisation

SilverKey conducts a comprehensive analysis of your asset, whether a portfolio or individual property, focusing on leasing strategies, product analysis, and positioning. This ensures that your asset grows in value over time.

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Silverkey Management Services

Our services include tenant screening, rent collection and banking, invoice processing, check-in/out procedures, inventory management, arrears handling, and continuous tenant relationship management. Additionally, tenants have access to their own dedicated platform.

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Market Analysis

We establish the optimal property rent, prioritizing sustained occupancy, lower vacancies, and consistently exceeding rental income averages. We stay ahead of the market through ongoing comparative analysis and a deep understanding of Gibraltar’s economic conditions.

Image of End To End Maintenance Icon
End-to-end Maintenance

Our in-house maintenance team responds swiftly and efficiently to address
maintenance concerns, prioritizing the timely upkeep of your property and tenant

Image of Online Performance Dashboard Icon
Online Performance Portal

The owner portal grants you access to essential property information, including the interest registered of your assets, the ability to track maintenance issues, rent collection and expenses.

Image of Lease And Rent Negotiations Icon
Lease & Rent Negotiations

Utilize our extensive expertise in negotiating both commercial and residential rentals to secure favorable terms and pricing, backed by recurrent market analyses. Ensuring the protection of your assets.

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Our committed marketing team maximizes asset exposure across diverse platforms
to reach a wide audience, tailoring strategies for prompt property rentals.

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Financial Reporting

We offer quarterly financial reports detailing historical revenue, costs, and property-specific breakdowns. Annually, we review year-on-year progress and set new targets for the upcoming year.