Management property portfolio




Services Provided

Portfolio Optimization Strategy:  In depth analysis of portfolio including; leasing strategy, product analysis, product positioning etc. . The same will be done with yield and asset value maximization in mind as well as your investment objectives.

Basic Management Services which includetenant selectionand vetting, rent collection and banking, payment of invoices, quarterly statementgeneration, process driven Check in and Check out including inventory management, arrears management, and ongoing tenant relationship management.

Product analysis aimed athow best to position a property including;reviewing use, design, amenities and furnishings to optimise rental income mindful of and ensuring the highest possible return ofinvestment.

Pricing analysis to ensure that your property is listed at the optimal rent with a view to maintaining long term occupancy, reduced vacancy and achieve a higher than average rental income year on year.

End to end maintenance: A dedicated multi-diciplinary in-house maintenance team and reporting process which allows us to record, track and attend to all maintenance issues in a cost-effective manner providing optimal care of your property and tenant satisfaction.

PreventiveMaintenanceworksPlan: Property inspections and yearly maintenance schedules as well as negotiation of SLAs with relevant service providers.

Online performance dashboard: Our owner portal provides the landlord with  access to information on; interest in property, maintenance tracking, rent collection and expenses.

Lease and Rent negotiations: Leverage our experience in commercial and residential rent negotiations to help agree the best price and conditions to safeguard your position.

Commercialisation: Adedicated marketing team which will ensure maximum exposure of asset with the ability to design bespoke communication strategy on a project by project basis if so required.
Financial Reporting: Quarterly financial reporting focussed on identifying historic revenue and cost progress as well as breakdown per property in addition to forecasting. There is also a annual revision of YoY progress and revision of targets for upcoming year.

Capex investment plan: Definition of CAPEX Investment plan as well as budgeting and implementation of the same.